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Liang D, Jiang L, Bhat S, Missiroli S, Perrone M, Lauriola A, Adhikari R, Gudur A, Vasi Z, Ahearn I, Guardavaccaro D, Giorgi C, Philips M and Kuchay S.

Palmitoylation and PDE6δ Regulate Membrane-compartment Specific Substrate Ubiquitylation and Degradation.

Cell Reports (in press), 2023.

Bhat SA, Ferguson R, Adhikari R, and Kuchay S.

Detection of membrane-anchoring lipid modifications of proteins in cells by radioactive metabolic labeling.

STAR Protocols (in press), 2023.

Bhat SA, Vasi Z, Adhikari R, Gudur A, Ali A, Jiang L, Ferguson R, Liang D, Kuchay S.

Ubiquitin Proteasome System in Immune Regulation and Therapeutics.

Curr Opin Pharmacol, 67:10231, 2022.


Kuchay S., Wang H., Homer H., Marzio A., Jain K., Homer H., Fehrenbacher N., Philips MR., Zheng N., and Pagano M.

GGTase3 is a Newly Identified Geranylgeranyltransferase Targeting a Ubiquitin Ligase.

Nat Struct Mol Biol 26: 628-636, 2019. (see also Editor's Choice Highlight)

Kuchay S., Saeed M., Giorgi C., Li J., Hoffmann H., Pinton P., Rice C., and Pagano M.

NS5A promotes constitutive degradation of IP3R3 to counteract apoptosis induced by hepatitis C virus.

Cell Reports 25(4): 833-840, 2018.

Bononi A., Yang H., Giorgi C., Patergnani S., Pellegrini L.,  Su M.,  Xie G. , Signorato V., Pastorino S. , Morris P., Sakamoto G.,  Kuchay S. , Gaudino G.,  Pass HI., Napolitano A., Pinton P., Jia W., and Carbone M.

Germline BAP1 mutations induce a Warburg effect

Cell Death and Differentiation 24: 1694-1704, 2017.

Fehrenbacher N., Tojal da Silva I., Ramirez C., Zhou Y., Cho KJ., Kuchay S., Shi J., Thomas S., Pagano M., Hancock JF., Bar-Sagi D., Philips MR.

The G protein-coupled receptor GPR31 promotes membrane association of KRAS.

J of Cell Biology 216(8): 2329-2338, 2017.

Kuchay S., Giorgi C., Simoneschi D., Pagan J., Missiroli S., Saraf A., Florens L. Washburn MP., Collazo-Lorduy A., Castillo-Martin M., Cordon-Cardo C., Sebti SM., Pinton P., and Pagano M. 

PTEN counteracts FBXL2 to promote IP3R3- and Ca2+-mediated apoptosis limiting tumor growth. 

Nature 546:554-558, 2017(see also News & Views and News & Thoughts)

Bononi A., Giorgi C., Patergnani S., Larson D., Verbruggen K., Tanji M., Pellegrini L., Signorato V., Olivetto F., Pastorino S., Nasu M., Napolitano A., Gaudino G., Morris P., Sakamoto G., Ferris LK., Danese A., Raimondi A., Tacchetti C., Kuchay S., Pass HI., Affar EB., Yang H., Pinton P., Carbone M.

BAP1 regulates IP3R3-mediated Ca2+ flux to mitochondria suppressing cell transformation.

Nature 546(7659):549-553, 2017.

Kuchay S., Duan S., Schenkein E., Peschiaroli A., Saraf A., Florens L. Washburn MP., and Pagano M.

FBXL2- and PTPL1-mediated and PTPL1- mediated degradation of p85β controls PI3K activity.
Nature Cell Biol 15: 472-480, 2013.

Yamada KH., Kozlowski DA., Seidl SE., Lance S., Wieschhaus AJ., Sundivakkam P., Tiruppathi C., Chishti I., Herman IM., Kuchay SM., Chishti AH.

Targeted gene inactivation of calpain-1 suppresses cortical degeneration due to traumatic brain injury and neuronal apoptosis induced by oxidative stress.

J Biol Chem 287(16):13182-13193, 2012.

Kuchay SM., Wieschhaus AJ., Marinkovic M., Herman IM., and Chishti AH.

Targeted gene inactivation reveals a functional role of Calpain-1 in platelet spreading.

J of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 10(6): 1120–32, 2012.


Duan S., Skaar JR., Kuchay S., Toschi A., Kanarek N., Ben-Neriah Y., Pagano M.

mTOR generates an auto-amplification loop by triggering the βTrCP- and CK1α-dependent degradation of DEPTOR.

Molecular Cell 44(2): 317-324, 2011.

Quinn BJ., Welch EJ., Kim AC., Lokuta MA., Huttenlocher A., Khan AA., Kuchay SM., Chishti AH.

Erythrocyte scaffolding protein p55/MPP1 functions as an essential regulator of neutrophil polarity.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 106(47): 19842-19847, 2009.

Frescas D., Guardavaccaro D., Kuchay SM., Kato H., Poleshko A., Basrur V., Elenitoba-Johnson KS., Katz RA., Pagano M.

KDM2A represses transcription of centromeric satellite repeats and maintains the heterochromatic state.

Cell Cycle 7(22):3539-3547, 2008.

Sha D., Jin Y., Wu H., Wei J., Lin CH., Lee YH., Buddhala C., Kuchay S., Chishti AH., Wu JY.

Role of mu-calpain in proteolytic cleavage of brain L-glutamic acid decarboxylase.

Brain Res. 1207: 9-18, 2008.

Sarang z., Mádi A., Koy C., Varga S., Glocker MO., Ucker DS., Kuchay S., Chishti AH., Melino G., Fésüs L., Szondy Z.

Tissue transglutaminase (TG2) facilitates phosphatidylserine exposure and calpain activity in calcium-induced death of erythrocytes.

Cell Death Differ. 14(10): 1842-1844, 2007.


Kuchay SM., Kim N., Grunz EA., Fay WP., and Chishti AH.

Double Knockouts Reveal that Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Is a Physiological Target of Calpain-1 in Platelets

Molecular and Cellular Biology 27(17): 6038-6052, 2007.

Kuchay SM., Chishti AH.

Calpain-mediated regulation of platelet signaling pathways.

Current Opinion in Hematology 14(3): 249-254, 2007.

Geesink G.H., Kuchay S., Chishti AH., Koohmaraie

Micro-calpain is essential for postmortem proteolysis of muscle proteins

J Anim Sci 84(1): 2834-40, 2006.

Grammer M., Kuchay S., Chishti AH., Baudry M.

Lack of phenotype for LTP and fear conditioning learning in calpain 1 knock-out mice.

Neuro of Learning and Mem. 84(3): 222-227, 2005.

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